Christmas was fun this year as we spent it on the road with family.  The kids really enjoyed themselves as did Mae and I.  It was fun to see the cousins (Julia, Akaila, Cole, Spencer, Parker, and Grace*) and it was nice to experience a little bit of winter.  When we got home we, eh hem, reluctantly enjoyed the 60 degree weather that greeted us! 

Now what’s next?Saying thanksAction shot

Just after church on Christmas Eve

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Boys and planes

While we were in Utah, the older boys were able to go with Grandpa and Great Grandpa to see the Hill Air Force Base museum.  They had a blast and really enjoyed getting the inside scoop from their great grandpa who volunteers at the museam (getting them access to some places off the normal tour!)  They had a blast even though they had to endure weather and unusually stiff traffic.

Measuring UpThe Inside Scoop

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Staying in touch!

We just returned from celebrating the holidays in Utah and after going through all our mail and Christmas cards I realized that I have not been very good at keeping in touch. I figured it was time to get in the 21st century and start a blog. So I hope you can link to this page and check it out every so often and drop us a line.

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Top 10 Miller Stories (a la year end top stories style)

The top stories this year are as follows!

 10.  Our PC gets wiped out by virus

9.     Mae called into Primary Presidency (twice!)

8.     Rylan begins reading

7.     Raevyn really begins (and does not stop) talking

6.     Ethan starts first grade

5.     We bought all our stuff for finishing the basement and then had to resell it

4.     Five of the six-pack took their first ever airplane ride.

3.     Nate gets two promotions at work, one resulting in …

2.     The family moves to Murrieta, CA

And the biggest and brightest Miller story of 2006 occurred on April 1st.  This is no joke!

1.     Asher Jack Miller is born early in the morning on April Fool’s Day while only giving mom about 50 minutes notice. 

Asher Jack

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