My cuz

My cousin Kevin Manning has a website up with some original tunes.  I figured I would add it to this page in case a little acoustic folk is your flavor … .

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Well my birthday left a little to be desired as I was sick after getting home from work. But I did enjoy the thoughts, phone calls, and gifts that I received.  I have been rocking out to the CD Mae gave me.  The artist is called ‘Death Cab for Cutie’ and the album is really good, the kind of album you can put in without having to skip lame songs.  I also got this great card from Brian (one of my brothers) and it is just in line with his sense of humor!  The inner fold says “Happy Birthday and all that crap!”  Thanks bro!Birthday Card

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Missing Grandma Egan

Yesterday Grandma Egan passed from a heart attack.  We all miss here and our thoughts and prayers are for Grandpa.  This makes two Grandmas that have passed for our family this year. 

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Word of the day

Today’s word of the day … uxorious.  Which is defined as excessively fond of or overly submissive to your wife.  Hmm…. I wonder if Mae will let me use that word today?   😉

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Sick kids

Well today we are dealing with some bugs.  I was at one doctor with Rylan while Mae was at another doctor with Asher.  We (mostly Mae) were up nearly the entire night with Rylan who was having a terrible time breathing due to some asthma.  Poor Asher can hardly sleep because he is just oozing.  So needless to say we are anxious for these bugs to run their course.

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Nate, these are for the kids …

Santa and Grandma Miller were curiously in sync this year as they coordinated their gifts to the older boys very well.  Mae and I finally got everything put together and the kids have been having a blast.  Although we are re-learning that Legos and grabby little hands can have disastrous  consequences.  So here is to medieval conquests … Have fun storming the castle!

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New Years Joy

You know, one major change to being in California is working on your sprinkling system on the weekend just before New Years Day!  This little project resulted in fixing 3 leaks (which originally looked to be a single leak), replacing 3 1/2 valves, and took almost 4 weekends, one call to the city, and no less than 6 trips to home improvement stores (three different stores by the time I was done)  to completely finish.  I think this is the Karma for all of the jokes I have been making about not having to shovel snow.  The Project

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