The BD WW HR confrence is in SD!

This week I will be in a week long conference with all of the HR leadership within BD from around the world.  My first boss is in town for the event and we had a great time tonight as he came out for dinner.   He has recently published a book on leadership, managing change, and aligning your personal values with your professional life.  Here is a link to the book.  Brent has been a great source of insight and support for me and my career.   

Nate and Brent

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Asher is mobile

This week Asher has begun to crawl.  It started with a fish-out-of-water-flop, which eventually morphed into the army crawl and now it is a timid, but legitimate full on crawl.  We are excited to see this.  I will work on getting a movie posted of it so everyone can see.

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So after spending the morning cutting hair we went into the back yard to see how Raevyn was holding up.  What I saw filled me with immense jealousy and a desire for a hammock.  It was beautiful, 70 degrees, quiet, and a just ever so gentle breeze.  What a lucky girl …


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Well we had a very busy saturday.  We cleaned the garage, had ice cream at DQ, and we cut hair!  So here are some the photo highlights of the day …

So do you think Mae likes the haircut?Who is this guy?Ethan is pleased with the results!Don’t stare at the sun Ryguy!

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Raevyn and Teddy star in the 4th installment of the Matrix …

Is it any wonder I can’t find my church jacket on Sunday mornings?I know Kung Fu!

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