Lightening Struck Twice

Once again the a wrestle session ended in a bloody hole where a tooth once was …. All I want for Arbor Day?

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This is what happens when you wrestle with dad!

During our regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon smackdown, Ethan lost a tooth.  He had no idea he was bleeding at this point.  Sure beats a string and a slammed door …

A bloody mess

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Trip to the Wild Animal Park

Since Ethan is out on Spring Break (2 weeks, I feel like I lived a deprived childhood) Mae and one of our friends from the Ward took the kids to the Wild Animal Park in Escondido.  The kids had a great time.  Nate had to work, how lame.

Ethan’s got big earsRylan’s got big earsShe’s beat

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Easter Egg Hunt

We had a fun easter egg hunt today, even though we had uncharacteristicly gray skies over head!  The kids had fun, except when the eggs got harder to find then, well, see Rylan’s face below!

Just a second too slow!Raevyn Found One

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