Here are a few pictures from our trip to Hawaii to celebrate Reggie and Michelle’s wedding.

 We visited Haunma Bay and went snorkeling.  Ah… it was so awesome!  Tropical fish, all colors of the rainbow!! Small and big fish everywhere… It was incredible!  The boys got to snorkel too and they had a great time!  It was definitely a highlight! 

Reggie and Michelle look happy and beautiful, don’t they?  We love them!

A special thank you to Michelle’s parents for providing a place for us to stay at Turtle Bay!  It was so much fun and we had a great time at the beach!

We also visited Waimea Falls, and the Visitors Center at the temple.  We will post more pictures when we can find time!

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John Beck Vs. Brady Quinn

Well the NFL draft brought the drama as the Notre Dame “Golden Boy” was passed over for a quarterback who started his collegiate career with an interception, fumble, and a sack and eventually become one of the most successful quarterbacks to play at BYU.  I still think that Ty Detmer, JimMcMahon, Steve Young, and maybe even Marc Wilson were better quarterbacks, but Beck was incredibly productive.  I was sent this article written by those who follow the Dolphins and it seems that the Dolphins were fully aware of the skills of Brady Quinn, but still selected Beck!  Here is a link to the article and a video to make you smile!


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Backyard buddies

We had a visitor on Monday.  She stuck around for a couple of hours and then we haven’t seen her since.

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