Actually doing something productive

We had a challenge for the hourly manufacturing operators, and they met the challenge. As a result I spent my lunch hour working on the line helping out. It drew quite the crowd as people came by to watch me get completely overwhelmed. It was a good experience and as you can see I am not sweating too bad!

Working on the line Trimming flash

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Latest home project

So, we have just completed a pretty decent sized project. The master bedroom closet is not terribly large and we decided to try and install a closet “system” to better utilize the space. It took better than a week and just about every tool I own (plus a couple I didn’t!) to finish the project. Here are a couple of before and after photos.

Before 1 Before 2After 1After 2After 3

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Keeping up with Spencer (our nephew via Scott & Melissa)

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Can you beat the Murrieta heat?

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