Actually doing something productive

We had a challenge for the hourly manufacturing operators, and they met the challenge. As a result I spent my lunch hour working on the line helping out. It drew quite the crowd as people came by to watch me get completely overwhelmed. It was a good experience and as you can see I am not sweating too bad!

Working on the line Trimming flash

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  1. so what were you putting together there? I bet the workers LOVED having you there!

  2. Ha! This is random, but nice haircut…i’m also curious to know what you had to put together.

  3. I wouldn’t have believed it without picture proof – you working and all ;). Then again, I am sure you are more than proficient with photo shop…..naaaaah 😉 😉 Seriously, way to creatively motivate the workforce!!!

  4. I was building “sharps” containers. You can see me trimming “flash” which is the sharp edges of the plastic that sometimes creep into the seams of the mold or at the “gate” which is where the hot plastic is injected into the mold.

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