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This is from the Shamu show …

This is from the Tide Pools …

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Our dear friends, Ryan and Rachel came out to visit us a couple weeks ago and it was so awesome to have them here! We went to SeaWorld together and it was alot of fun. We got to see sharks, penguins, dolphins, birds, sea stars, whales…you name it, we saw it!

Right off, we saw a zoo keeper holding a snake. No, no, no! It is not a snake, it is a Legless Lizard. I don’t know what the difference is. Please feel free to enlighten me! It was just as creepy and slithery (is that a word?) as a snake and thats good enough for me!

The Shark Encounter was a large…no make that HUGE shark aquarium. It had cool shark music reminiscent of “JAWS”. “Duh nuh……Duh, nuh……duh nuh..duh, nuh!!!” At one point we were able to walk through a tunnel, right in the middle of the aquarium! Sharks everywhere! Below, above, left, right…360 degrees!! Awesome!

The Beluga Whale is important because it was one of the first animals Ethan asked me about and I had no idea what he was talking about. It seemed this whale came up and out of the water just to pose for me. I wouldn’t dismiss the idea…

The Walrus was disgusting. Honestly! He was chewing on some poor, unidentifiable sea creature. But it wasn’t enough to chew and swallow. He had to chew, spew, then slurp the shredded, slobbery remains back in and chew, spew all over again. I shudder at the memory…

The Polar Bear was sleeping and Raevyn shushed everyone who walked by and was talking loudly! “Sshhh! The bear is sleeping! Be sneaky!”

The Shamu show was incredible! It is amazing what they have taught those killer whales to do! Jumps and flips. They are even trained to swim around the edge of the tank and splash people with tons of water! They are so huge! And yet so gentle with the trainers. It was amazing! The dolphin show was the same! They are incredible creatures!

It was hard to leave in the afternoon. Speaking for myself, I wanted to stay until it closed! Not only beacuse I wanted my money’s worth out of that park, but also because there was so much to see and I was in awe of the amazing beautiful creations put on this earth. But, alas, the kids were beat so we headed home. It was a great time and spent in good company!


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Fun after 1st day of school

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