Asher loves to sing

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Key Milestones

We have recently hit a couple of significant milestones here in Murrieta.  This morning, Ethan, was able to tie his shoes for the first time without any help.  He was pretty excited.

Nate is pretty excited at the prospect of trimming our diaper tab in half as Raevyn is now successfully using the potty.

And last, but most definitely not least, Asher officially started nursery today at church so Mae and I are able to go to class or attend to our callings without lugging his blond fro’ around with us [cue angelic chorus].

While these are fun, it is somewhat crazy how fast time is flying.

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Our trip to Vegas

Here is a couple video clips from our trip to Vegas.

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Raevyn turned 3!!

At the end of the month, Raevyn turned 3 years old! It amazes me how the time has flown. It was just yesterday that she was born, the first girl in our little brood. Brand new pink clothes, blankets…Wow. She has grown up so quickly! Love you, babe! You’re my girl!  ~mae

100_02592.jpg<———–Raevyn, just 30 minutes old.

0303005-012.jpg<———Raevyn about 3 months

2005-07-19-013.JPG<———-Raevyn 8 months

img_0990bw.jpg<———-Raevyn 11 months old

img_2323.JPG<———-Raevyn on her 3rd birthday

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