Rylan playing ball

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Catching up on some posts

We wanted to show the halloween party we had with some friends, the Garn’s and Hansens.

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Time to update the wardrobe

The other day Mae dressed Asher for the day and he was wearing a button up shirt that was a nice blue and orange plaid.  He looked down and will poking his protubing tummy babbled “dadda dadda.”  The kids gone corporate already!

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Birthday bash

Well, I had a very nice birthday and I want to thank all those of you who sent cards or made calls or emails.  The kids sent me to work with a birthday diddy in my ear and a plate of cupcakes to share with co-workers.  At work I was again treated with a rousing rendition of the worlds most frequently sung song and a lunch on the house.  Then I was able to get home by 4:30 and spend the rest of the evening with the crew at the house.  It was great!

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Nate’s b-day

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