Family photos

Here is a link to the proofs of our most recent family photo shoot.

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Ethan scored!!!!

Today was the last basketball game of the season for Ethan and Rylan.  They both did a great job and demonstrated the characteristic Miller hustle.  Additionally, Ethan was able to get his first basket of the season!  It was really neat to see.  He also had a great rebound in traffic, which given the fact that he is the shortest on the team, is no small feat.

Rylan and Ethan were both well applauded at their respective pizza parties and everyone had a great time.  Uncle Reggie was able to make it out to Rylan’s  game and joined us at Bob’s Murrieta Pizza to enjoy some ultra-greasy pizza and video games.  After watching Rylan drive the race car, I am confident he will have to get his license sometime in college!

Afterwards we rushed off to the Harveston lake to get our family pictures taken as a part of the church’s Young Women’s groups.  They are going to go to Utah to see General Conference in April.  We are looking forward to having a current picture of the family.  We chose to dress in a combination of brown and green.

Apparently the schools are experiencing an onslaught of illness with kids experiencing high fevers and headaches and sadly enough Ethan began to complain of a headache as of this afternoon.  He  is currently nursing a vitamin stoked flavored water drink to pump him full of Vitamin C.

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Assorted kid stuff

Recently in Ethan’s 2nd grade class, Ms. Master’s instructed the kids in proper telephone protocol.  Tonight my dad called and was shocked to here his 7 year old grandson answer the phone … “Hello this is Ethan, how can I be of assistance.”  I think I might hire him at work!

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