Sleeping Cutie

Raevyn loves to play dress up and in fact, she has been on a “princess” fascination pretty extensively for the last six months or so.  I am so out of my element in pink and ribbons and stuff like that, I was always convinced that I would have a tom-girl.  Nature 1 Nurture 0.

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Yet another visit from the Animal Kingdom, well sort of …

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Another Visitor from the Animal Kingdom

Many of you remember the possum we saw in our backyard last year. In case you missed it, here is a link. And Rylan was right, there was 4 babies on her back, not 3 like I thought. I’m such a K.I.A. Sorry Ry-guy!

Anyway, here is a short video of our latest visitor! ~Mae


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We are the Red Tail Hawks….!

Last Tuesday, both Rylan and Ethan received the Student of the Month award for their respective classes.

Ethan was nominated because of his Science Expertise. He has set up a Science Club in his class and has also been invited to the National Young Scholars program.


Rylan was nominated because he is an excellent reader. Just yesterday, Rylan’s kindergarten teacher asked him to read a book to the class because she had a bad cold and couldn’t read it without coughing. Rylan was happy to oblige. I am a proud mama!


Oh, sorry about the camera work (or lack of) at the end. I thought I had turned it off…

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