Evelyn and Clay come to visit

We had a blast with my sister and family here in town a little while ago. They were staying in San Diego for an awesome vacation and came up to see us. We watched the Jazz game game together. I think Nate enjoyed having a buddy around to pound a few sodas with just like the good ole’ days! Unfortunately, that game ended being only one of two games worth watching…Don’t even get me started…Okay, I didn’t care that much but I did care a little. I will refrain from complaining about it.

The next day we went to see Big Mama, my paternal grandmother’s sister.

Big Mama is 97 years old, mind you! But she still has it together! She is full of wisdom and life stories! And she loves to share it! I really love talking with older people. They have so much life experience to share…I really love old people!

I also met Myesha, whom I had never met before! She and Ann were so gracious to us and I loved every minute we spent there. They love us, even though they don’t know us! (swelling music…) “Family. Isn’t about…time?”

Later, we hung out at Reggie’s place and had a good visit. It was so awesome to have them here! I wish they could have stayed longer!! I hope they had a good time here! I sure loved having them here! ~Mae

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