Hurkey Who?

We went camping to a place called Hurkey Creek. In a word-Awesome!!! We had a blast cooking over the fire, going on a hike, fishing-(even though we got skunked)-playing baseball, and just being together! I expected the camp ground to be dusty and deserty (is that word?) But,in fact, it was quite the opposite! Mountains, tall pine trees, crisp cool night air…ahhh, it was really wonderful! This was our first camping trip as a family! Can’t wait to go again!

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Set the “Way Back” machine to 1983 …

As I type Ethan and Rylan are upstairs avoiding sleep by making the most obscene fart noises as possible.  I have to admit it reminded me of Brian and I about 25 years ago.  I guess history is bound to repeat itself …

Mae mentioned I should do something to help those that don’t know what the Way Back machine reference is, so here you go …

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Additional Raevynisms

Now that I am paying closer attention, she has come up with several others that I just adore.  I thought this time I would let you guess what they represent.

Absoloopy – ?

Bisketty – ?

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Favorite words

Every kid seems to have ways of misspeaking words that is really cute.  Raevyn has several that I just love, here is a sample (we needed to start documenting them):

My all-time favorite, crocidator = Actually not sure if it is a crocodile or alligator, but it works either way.

Lickilish – Licorice

Akidot Tree – Apricot Tree

Summersot – Somersault

I will add some more as I remember them.  But we needed to get these documented!

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