Ethan’s Birthday!

Ethan turned 8 this year.  Since we were delayed on our flight, we missed most of his birthday but we did go out to dinner.  We also opened a few presents and had some cake.  A few days later we baptized him.  What an awesome day that was!

Ethan is an incredible, intelligent young man and I am hardly qualified to be his mother.  I hope I don’t let him down.  I love him dearly…

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Shark Encounter!

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More Vacation pictures

We went to Kualoa Ranch, where several movies have been made, including the very popular Very Brady Sequel. Did anyone know that there WAS another Brady Bunch movie made? Yeah, me neither!

We also went surfing at Waikiki Beach. It was really crowded so it was hard to get going because you didn’t want to run someone over! But it was a lot of fun! It was great exercise too! Poor Nate got major rash burns, even with his rash guard on. No pictures since we were taking a lesson together! Bummer!

We also did some snorkeling but we didn’t take pictures of that either. We were planning on visiting Hanauma Bay, which is fantastic for snorkeling but it was closed because of jellyfish! So we don’t have any pictures of snorkeling either!

We swam with sharks-IN A CAGE! It was so cool. Sharks are so menacing looking! It was creepy but amazing at the same time! We had a cheapy underwater camera for that so we’ll see how those turn out and I’ll scan ’em in later. So sweet!

Our plane was grounded due to some problems with the engine. We left 3 hours later at 1:00 am. We missed out flight out of San Fransisco so we had to wait another FOUR hours until another flight came up. We were late for Ethan’s birthday but managed to have dinner at a restaurant of his choice-Taco Bell-and open a few presents. Then to bed! Whew! My mom watched the kids the ENTIRE time! I know she loved every minute of it but she was definitely glad to have a good solid night’s rest when we came back! Thank you mom!!!

In all, it was a wonderful vacation! It was so nice to get away, I feel so spoiled. I was even more thankful to be back again and see my babies! Thank you Nate, for working so hard so we could go on this adventure together! It has been a crazy 10 years! Here’s to 10 more years of insanity! I love you!

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Back to reality…

Ok, where do I start? Nate and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year! I know, where did that 10 years go?!? We decided to go to Hawaii! Reggie’s in-laws were so generous to let us stay at their place and borrow a car! We can’t thank them enough! It was really awesome! Below are some photos….

Alright, I’ll post some more later!

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