Cement forms for basement

Cement forms for basement, originally uploaded by Trantelica.

Here you can see that there is some progress being made on our new place in Columbus!

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A lift …

I found this from a friend’s blog and thought it would brighten your day.  The economy, the war, the election … plenty to be pessimistic about, but this was nice.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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A Prince can Marry a Prince?!?

Since most of my family doesn’t live in California, I thought I would show you a commercial that is airing in California right now.  It shows you how second graders in Massachusettes were taught about gay marriage.

And just recently, a class of first graders in San Francisco went on a field trip to watch their lesbian teacher get married to her partner! Read the article here.

I believe that the majority of Californians believe in the traditional definition of marriage-between a man and a woman only.  Recently, there was a bill that was put on the desk of the Governator.  It proposed having a new holiday honoring a gay rights activist named Harvey Milk.  And, like Martin Luther King Jr is celebrated in the schools for what he did, this man would also be celebrated-IN THE SCHOOLS-for his contribution to society!  I cannot believe that there are people in government who would force this on my children at school!!!  It simply has no place in our schools!

I respect people of all beliefs and all walks of life.  Bottom line-I also have the right to choose what morals and lifestyle choices are taught to my children. If Prop 8 does not pass, my rights will be violated!

Thankfully, Mr. Schwarzeneggar vetoed this bill.

For me, this battle over the definition of marriage is becoming more a battle of religious freedom! Think about this: If the legal definition of marriage is changed, then by law a religious figure would have to marry a same sex couple-against his will-or possibly face legal action!

The repercussions of this vote are already starting.  The Connecticut Supreme court recently legalized same sex marriage too.  Other states are considering it.

You can watch a short message from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints here.  They say it all so perfectly.

If you know anyone who lives in California, please urge them to vote Yes on Propostion 8 to preserve marriage AND religious freedom!!!


Preserving the Divine Institution of Marriage

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Vote for Max Hall

O'Brien Award - Register and vote for our quarterback for The O'Brien National Quarterback Award

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