Interesting financial advice

I bumped into this article as it was advertised on the MSN homescreen.  I thought it was kind of interesting, thought maybe you might as well.  It is titled 6 Financial Milestones Before You Turn 30.

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Stone and siding is up

We have finally got most of the exterior completed. As you can see they are nearly done outside.

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Raevyn busted out some new lyrics for an old favorite the other night.

It went something like this:

Frosty the snowman was a very jolly soul,

With a corn dog pipe and a butt and a nose …

Soon to be a new holiday classic

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Kids prayers

I love hearing the prayers of kids.  Last night during family prayers Raevyn proceeded to tell Heavanly Father that we were thankful for dirt!  I can’t remember all the other things she mentioned, but that was my favorite.

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Crazy Weather

Okay, I am having a hard time adjusting to the weather here!  Yesterday it was blazing 56 degrees!  Literally, in So. Cal we had days that were that warm! We were ready to break out the sunscreen and shorts here!  Today, it is 25 degrees.  But when you add in the windchill, it feels like -12 degrees.  Notice the NEGATIVE in front of the 12.  That was not a mistake!  I pulled that right off the official weather forecast!

In other news, our house is coming along nicely.  They’ve been putting up the siding and we met with the electrician yesterday to make decisions about lights and stuff.  House with new siding

Thanksgiving was great!  We had it with some friends from the ward.  And then my dad and sister came out to see us.  Its been a couple of years since I’ve seen my dad and I met my sister for the first time!  It was great to have them here!

My dad

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