Nate’s Great Eight on hold

Due to the move I am pushing the pause button on my Great 8 list. No one’s complained yet, so I doubt it is missed much! I’ll get back to it once we settle.

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Some help in this tough economy

Some great financial advice from SNL.

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Columbus cops need something else to do

So in the last 45 days I have been pulled over 3 times for having my front headlight burned out.  The first time occurred when we were returning from Omaha in our van and  a cop popped out and chased us down and gave me a fix-it ticket.  I had like five days to replace my headlamp, get Nebraska plates, and change my license over to Nebraska.  Then as luck would have it, my Accord lost a headlamp too.   I got pulled over last Thursday night coming home from the airport, but they guy was pretty cool about it and didn’t give me a fix it ticket.  Then last night we went by the house and then had a celebration dinner for the kids grades and excellent parent-teacher conference reports.  As I was leaving the restaurant I tried to plan a route with the fewest chances of running into cops.

I picked wrong.  I got pulled over again.  Got another ticket and while I was there dealing with cop, a second cop car drove past.  These guys are like roaches, they are everywhere and they have nothing to do, but chase perdiddles around!

As a post-script I should say that a normally have the upmost respect for our civil servants and there dutiful efforts to protect our communities and therefore I offer this posting only in annoyed jest.

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Nate’s Great Eight – #6 Am I a Mac or a PC?

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So my current PC is running on its fifth year of life and is starting to exhibit signs of its age.  For one, performance is suffering terribly and now I am starting to get concerned about my hard drives.  I have started backing my stuff up more vigilantly than I have in the past.   So now the question is, do I build me another PC or do we move the Mac platform?

While I still consider myself a novice when it comes to PC building, it was a lot of fun to build my computer.  Since I work primarily with information and people, it was nice to do some something that was tangible and that I could point at and say, “I did that!”  As I started to consider getting a new PC I had a flutter of excitement at the challenge of building a new PC.  Now of course it is increasingly more difficult to live in a non-Vista world and the specter of going to Vista really prevented me from pulling the trigger at NewEgg (the finest online pc-related commercial website I have used).

I am pretty convinced that the Mac is the superior technology and has much better engineering behind it, not to mention the genius of their marketing.  They continue to stick it to PC’s in nearly every arena and it is beginning to show in the marketplace.  I am pretty impressed by their Operating System and think that they are pretty reliable on the hardware side as well.  But, I am having a difficult time leaving the “matrix.”  For those of you who have seen the Keanu Reeve’s movie The Matrix (on TNT edited of course!) you might recall the scene where Joe Pantoliano is conspiring to betray the rebels and is eating a steak dinner with an “agent” and he basically wants to forget that the real world (one run by computers and enslaves humans for energy) is in fact real, but rather prefers to have his memory wiped and exist in the “virtual” reality driven by the computers.  The hardships of reality were less preferable to the ease and blissful ignorance of being in the matrix.  This is the dilemma I have been facing.  Do I leave the “Matrix” in order to get the truly superior product, but one with limited applications and unfamiliar interface?  Or do I acquiese to the “Matrix” and live a life of CTRL-ALT-DELETE and the blue-screen-of-death?

Microsoft Sales Reps

Microsoft Sales Reps

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