Blizzard with a capital B!

Dude.  It is cold.  And we have a. ton. of. snow.

School cancelled for 2 days=Awesome!

Car stuck in garage so Nate walked 4 miles to work at 6 am-in the dark-3 degrees outside-with wind blowing. Cops told him to stop walking in the road= Not awesome.

Digging for 2 hours=good workout.

Hot chocolate, my family around me, and a warm home=the best blessing of all!!!

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  1. wow, blizzard… holy cow tha’s some snow! that’s insane!!!!!! super dedicated husband you have, walking to work … 4 miles away, in the freezing cold!

  2. “When everyone phones it in, Nate Miller shows up!” You should put that on your business cards.

  3. Mae-
    I still can’t believe this. We have nothing to complain about out here compared to that. And kuddos to Nate for walking all that way in the cold – that is pure dedication! Don’t hurt your back doing all that shoveling though!

  4. Did Nate ask the cop where he was supposed to walk? It sounds like they have it in for Nate.

  5. Oh my holy snow!!!! Let’s just say…glad it’s not me!!! Looks like you guys are having fun though. Love and miss ya!!

  6. Looks like fun! Your family is adorable…and growing up!

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