Filthy utes got something right …

The University of Utah’s Board of Trustees announced they are changing the school’s legendary mascot. In a prepared statement, Mr. Biolchini, a newly appointed University Trustee read from a prepared statement.

“The NCAA asked us to look into the (mascot) question and we have. After careful study, we determined the term ‘Runnin’ Utes’ is inflammatory to a specific ethnic group. It has always been our belief that the Utes are a proud and noble race. It was never our intention to make light or demean the Ute people.

After consulting with students, faculty, members of the community, and former Mayor Rocky Anderson, we determined the Cicada is more befitting our University. Just like our football team, the Cicada goes dormant for years before emerging in all its glory. When it does come out, it is loud and obnoxious. The Cicada looks mean and ugly, but it is really quite easy to kill.”

Mr. Biolchini did not take any questions from the stunned pressroom. He could not be reached for comment.

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In honor of the filthy Utes getting punked … again

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Our trip to Vegas

Here is a couple video clips from our trip to Vegas.

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BYU games in the So Cal area

So BYU plays UCLA in Pasadena, UNLV in Henderson, and San Diego State in San Diego this year!  That means three games within reasonable driving distance.  So I am planning on going to those games.  Let me know if you want to come with!

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John Beck Vs. Brady Quinn

Well the NFL draft brought the drama as the Notre Dame “Golden Boy” was passed over for a quarterback who started his collegiate career with an interception, fumble, and a sack and eventually become one of the most successful quarterbacks to play at BYU.  I still think that Ty Detmer, JimMcMahon, Steve Young, and maybe even Marc Wilson were better quarterbacks, but Beck was incredibly productive.  I was sent this article written by those who follow the Dolphins and it seems that the Dolphins were fully aware of the skills of Brady Quinn, but still selected Beck!  Here is a link to the article and a video to make you smile!

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