Another house update

The blog has been dominated by our fixation on the home and it is probably indicative on how badly we want to move in.  To put it bluntly we are exhausted from all the decisions and can’t wait to stretch our legs a little bit.  But we are now about 25 or so days from moving in and it is really looking like a home more and more.  Here are a few more pictures.  The highlight is the paint and staining.  The cabinets in the kitchen are made from birch and we love how they look.  It will be interesting to see if they paint keeps its green tones when the carpet arrives.  Anyway, enjoy.

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Living Room

This shot is a panorama from inside the great room.

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Update on the house

Here is an update on the house.  They are almost ready to start painting and staining indoors, so things are changing really quickly.  Hope you enjoy the pictures above.  They are in order from L to R, Top to Bottom.

  1. Back porch being heated in order to poor concrete
  2. Kitchen cabinets
  3. Hallway and stairs
  4. Front door and sidelights
  5. Coat closet
  6. Ethan looking out one of the kids windows
  7. Master bathroom cabinets
  8. Downstairs bathroom
  9. Basement
  10. Hole for sump pump in the basement
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Stone and siding is up

We have finally got most of the exterior completed. As you can see they are nearly done outside.

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Touring the new house

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We arrived in Nebraska

After 3 days of long drives we finally made it in to Nebraska.  Our rental home is a tad smaller than what we are used to, but it will be great for four months.   The kids were pretty good in the car, but understandably tired of sitting and watching the same ol’ videos.  Here are some pictures about our trip.

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Many of you are probably already aware, but for those that aren’t this may come as a bit of a surprise, but we are moving to Nebraska!  A Large Plant HR Manager job has opened up there and we will be moving, well, sometime, we are not too sure exactly yet.  We have a lot to figure out still, but we thought we should at least get the word out.  If you know anyone who wants to rent a nice home in Sunny SoCal, let us know!

Here is a map we have created showing Columbus and the location of several homes we are interested in looking at.  You can actually copy the links and paste them into your browser.

More to come …

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Another Visitor from the Animal Kingdom

Many of you remember the possum we saw in our backyard last year. In case you missed it, here is a link. And Rylan was right, there was 4 babies on her back, not 3 like I thought. I’m such a K.I.A. Sorry Ry-guy!

Anyway, here is a short video of our latest visitor! ~Mae


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Latest home project

So, we have just completed a pretty decent sized project. The master bedroom closet is not terribly large and we decided to try and install a closet “system” to better utilize the space. It took better than a week and just about every tool I own (plus a couple I didn’t!) to finish the project. Here are a couple of before and after photos.

Before 1 Before 2After 1After 2After 3

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Can you beat the Murrieta heat?

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