Actually doing something productive

We had a challenge for the hourly manufacturing operators, and they met the challenge. As a result I spent my lunch hour working on the line helping out. It drew quite the crowd as people came by to watch me get completely overwhelmed. It was a good experience and as you can see I am not sweating too bad!

Working on the line Trimming flash

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The BD WW HR confrence is in SD!

This week I will be in a week long conference with all of the HR leadership within BD from around the world.  My first boss is in town for the event and we had a great time tonight as he came out for dinner.   He has recently published a book on leadership, managing change, and aligning your personal values with your professional life.  Here is a link to the book.  Brent has been a great source of insight and support for me and my career.   

Nate and Brent

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